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React Visual Grid

Build beautiful and powerful image grids

Built for Performance

react-visual-grid is built with performance in mind. It uses the virtualization technique to render only the visible items efficiently.

Support for Multiple layouts

Multiple layouts to satisfy the needs of different use cases. Rendering horizontal or vertical layouts is as easy as passing a prop.

Masonry Grid

Build beautiful masonry grids with ease. Comes with 2 different modes to quickly & easily build your masonry grids.

Customizable Thumbnail sizes

Take control of the thumbnail sizes. You can set the width and height of the thumbnails. 3 different dimensions are supported.


Easily change the dimensions of the grid with the resizable feature. Drag with mouse or touch to resize the grid to your liking.

Customizable color scheme

Change the color scheme of the grid to match your brand. Customize every element of the grid to match your needs.